Some Context

TLDR: This is dreamscape, a blog documenting my journey as a developer.

Where are we?

Hello, thanks for stopping by! This is the first post on this blog, so it would be fitting to get you up to speed on everything.

As the end of my studies approaches, I’ve begun wondering what’s next. My current plan is to keep my position as a part-time iOS developer while swapping out school for more spare time, in which I intend to do what the scholars would call a “side-project fullsend”.

With that, I’m creating this blog. I want a place where I can document my journey as a developer. I will be sharing the progress of the projects I am working on, reflecting on topics like school and work, improving my writing, and doing deep dives on the various rabbit holes that I will inevitably stumble into (I tend to do that a lot).

Current projects

Okay, let me briefly introduce some of the projects I’m currently working on. First of all, it’s this bachelor’s degree thingy. For the current semester, I’m on an exchange visiting TU Berlin, where I take Cloud Computing, Computer Graphics 1, Compiler Design and German Language. I’m pretty happy with my courses for once, so I’ll probably be writing about some of them later.

Then we have my side projects. First and foremost, my website I love tinkering with how it looks and the content that is presented on it.

Another project I have is called 100 Spørsmål. It is an iPhone app I created last summer. My friend Anders hand-drew every graphic in the app, and it has raked in around $100 in profits. I am currently planning a complete revamp of this app, so you will get to follow along as I do so in the coming months.

I am also running a computer-mice-related business, but it has been on hold as I live in Berlin, and all of the computer mice are still living in Trondheim. It is called duckmouse, and I run it with my friend and business associate Gerhard.

Lastly, we have Vengeful Vineyard, a project created by Dotkom. This has also been put on hold as I am abroad, and my friend Brage is busy climbing the political ladder of our student organisation.

Wrapping up

That will be it for introducing myself and dreamscape. I will try to post once every fortnight, so check back here once in a while if you’re interested to see what I’m up to! I’ve also set up an rss feed if that’s more your thing.

Until next time!

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